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InterNova 1 for sale

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Deep in the recesses of our fathomless archives our erstwhile co-editor Ronnie Krampe – the artist formerly known as Ronald M. Hahn – managed to rescue twenty copies of the legendary InterNova 1, our only printed issue, from the rats, the mildew and our fans at the Bundesnachrichtendienst and the CIA.

Anybody of you who actually managed to live up to now without owning a copy of that formidable issue, can order it now for a special price of 9 Euros (plus delivery charges for shipment outside of the EU area). Simply send a message to the editor at

Science Fiction Reading in Second Life

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It’s about 18 months ago that InterNova author Thorsten Küper introduced editor and writer Michael K. Iwoleit to cultural events in the 3d Internet world of Second Life. Since then they have joined in numerous single and group readings, mostly in the science fiction genre, and some live music performances. Now Michael K. Iwoleit has for the first time organized a Second Life event himself. On Saturday 19th he will read his story „The Spirits“, his second work originally written in English, in the Mumtaz, a wonderful recreation of the Taj Mahal. The evening will be completed with live music by renowned ambient musician Jan Pulsford aka Jana Kyomoon.

Michael is looking forward to meet some of our readers in the virtual world. The event will start at 1:00 pm SLT / 22:00 Central European Time. The location is at 

New InterNova co-editor: Introducing Fran Ontanaya

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With the ten year anniversary issue #20 the German science fiction magazine NovaInterNova’s sister magazine, edited by Olaf G. Hilscher and Michael K. Iwoleit – made a major step toward a full-professional magazine. For the first time in its history the renowned magazine is circulated by a major magazine distributor and will be published twice a year at fixed dates and with payments for its writers and artist. This has put an additional workload and time pressure on InterNova editor Michael K. Iwoleit. To make sure that InterNova can be continued and advanced as planed a search was started among the InterNova community for a second responsible editor. The perfect man for the job was soon found. It’s Fran Ontanaya from Spain and he has already started with his work that we’re sure will raise the quality and acceptance of our magazine.

Fran Ontanya has freelanced as proofreader, translator, cover and editorial column copywriter for the genre publisher La Factoría de Ideas. He also freelanced on web design and development. He wrote the first guide in Spanish about the internals of EPUB2 files and tried to convince publishers to replace the ISBN by automated metadata collection and hash ID numbers. Lately he has been contributing transcriptions, translations and proofreading of subtitles for TED talks. He often teams with a Polish friend who is also interested in futurism and transhumanism. Furthermore he created and moderate the euro4euro community at Reddit and operates the IRC channel, so he’s in contact with european sf fellows every day. He also contributes occasionally to His personal blog is at

With Fran Ontanaya and Michael K. Iwoleit as main editors and with the assistence of Sven Klöpping (sf art/French language area) and Nils Müller (web design & programming) and of course our various proofreaders InterNova is facing a major update. From early March onward InterNova will be published as a regular e-zine with six issues a year that will be available in the web and as e-book downloads in PDF and epub formats. Each issue will contain about four stories in English or English translation, one or two essays or classic reprints and several stories in Spanish, French and/or German original, also small portfolios of international sf and phantastic artists. Fran will especially research for new interesting writers in the Spanish and Portugese language area. Michael’s main areas of interest are Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and the English-speaking world in general. More news about the update will follow soon.


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by Charkrienorrathip

The bright stars had already littered the melanistic sky that blanketed the skyline of the city when Kat was finally able to leave his office. Although he was tired from the various meetings that he had had to attend that day, several points and issues raised during those grueling meetings still lingered in his mind as he drove his car out onto the street of the metropolis and headed for home. He thought to himself, how easy it would be to just leave the pile of work on the desk, like all his workmates do, and go home. But he realized that he would not be able to endure the worry-filled sleepless night, and the endless accusations he would throw at himself about lacking responsibility and abandoning his tasks. Continue Reading »


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by Thorsten Küper

The guy crouching at the café table, looking up at me, seems like an inflatable homo-sapien imitation made of light rubber, deflated after somebody let out most of the air. „Really, I’m fine,“ he assures me again with faint mumbled words, whilst tiny saliva bubbles burst between his lips. „I just wanted to inquire.“ A nervous gesture with his right hand that holds a half-burned cigarette. The ash comes off and falls on the table. „I mean…I wanted to ask if…“

It’s his third attempt to utter the same question, again ending in mid-sentence. Continue Reading »

Poorly Formulated Questions

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by Cyril Simsa

He had done alright for himself, had PBL, Everard thought, as he sat on the old man’s porch sipping tea.

The cabin had been styled to look as old-fashioned as possible, with jet-black wooden shingles and exterior walls clad in the split trunks of logs as weathered and gnarled as dinosaur bones, but no doubt it would be more modern inside. And the setting was grand, tucked up high on the mountainside amongst stands of twisty, resinous pine and shimmery, pink granite rock formations. There had been deer and beaver in the woods on the way up, and the remains of a quince orchard, long since abandoned by the original homesteaders. Wild strawberries. There weren’t that many people who could still afford to live like this, surrounding themselves with over-priced faux-pioneer chic in a natural setting that was all too real and precious. Continue Reading »