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An Interview with Mike Resnick

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by Sabina Theo

Mr. Resnick, someone told me that you don’t always accept interviews. Is it true?

I don’t remember ever refusing an interview, with this exception: if it’s an interview concerning a subject about which I know nothing (and there are many), I respectfully decline. Continue Reading »

Secondary Mission

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by Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro

This was the first time we made love in more than 170 years, objective time. More important yet: I hadn’t copulated with him since two months before the last period of Sleep, when we were in the Delta Pavonis system. Continue Reading »

Raw Terra

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by Nick Pollota

„Ladies and gentlemen, we’re almost there!“ Erik Kaye cried into his hand-held mike, while hanging out the open window of the antique-style train engine.

The cool Titan wind whipped his curly gray hair into a wild frenzy, totally unlike the usual neat perfection his billions of TriD viewers were familiar with, and for the first time in his life, Kaye didn’t give a good goddamn. They were going to make it! This was the story of the year! Hell, the decade! If only he knew what it was. Continue Reading »