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An Interview With Justin Isis

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by Ralph Doege

While researching for my story Kago Ai und das Ende der Nacht, I stumbled over your story The Eye of the Living Is No Warmth on a website dedicated to Japanese idols. I would like to ask you a little bit about your biographical background and about the beginning of your idol worship. What is your story?

I’m not sure there’s a coherent story. Both of my parents were foreigners to the country I grew up in, and I’ve lived in different countries since then. I’m not sure that I’m not really an impostor pretending to be me… Continue Reading »

Under Earthless Skies

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by Benjamin Kensey

„A huge oil slick was spotted in the Mediterranean last week. At Tranquility Base, they used the best optics available and do you know what they saw? It wasn’t oil. It was people: dead humans. They reckon five to six million corpses, all along the coast from Barcelona to Genoa. Just dumped there by the survivors. There’s a similar dark patch in Lake Michigan, three times the size. Others in the Bay of Bengal, the Yellow Sea. I could go on. You get the picture, Edward.“ Continue Reading »

The Power of the Plea

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by Khristo Poshtakov

The capsule was a product of humanity’s technological breakthrough, and the glaciated deposit on its metal surface spoke of numerous subspatial transitions. Its comfortable interior housed a small crew of three, who, despite minor squabbles and threats from outer space, tended to work well together during times of trial. Continue Reading »