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Kaming Mga Seroks

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by David Hontiveros

You know me on the boards as “Jim Crack,” but my real name is Peque.

I’m a basurero. A garbage collector in a small south-east Asian archipelago called the Philippines. You might better recall my country if you heard these words: Ferdinand Marcos and People Power.

I’m also a seroks; what’s known in the West as a dupe. Continue Reading »

The Willow

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by Justin Isis

Received 10/7, posted by R. Alejandro Lee (ID.M76-345-8761). I’m at a loss on this one. Obv. can’t publish it, although claims were investigated. Filed it for the time being. My comments follow.

Mr. Wong,

In certain prior travels, chance conversations, the pages of obscure volumes, you will have occasionally sensed something, an illumination perhaps, of phenomena you had never consciously suspected but nevertheless knew to be true. Perhaps you felt as if you were recalling something glimpsed in a dream. You could not identify it, but an impression remained in your mind, troubling you with its familiarity. You were quick to dismiss it – how could you recognize something of which you had no recollection, something you could not define, something which, indeed, resisted definition? Continue Reading »

The End of All Days

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by Michael K. Iwoleit

When Gabriel returned from his voyage there was little time left for him and the world. The thing that crossed the solar system on its course of irrevocable destruction was now less than two astronomical units away from Earth. For months a pattern of glowing red streaks had painted the heavens and the giant gravitational vortex that ripped Jupiter apart had been visible with the naked eye. The sky had returned to its soft vernal blue as in countless springs before and one could be tempted to think that there were as many years still to come. Continue Reading »


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by Jean-Claude Dunyach

When Paranamanco broke out of her mooring lines and flew off into the night, I was hardly surprised. I remembered the words of the old navigator I’d interviewed a few months earlier, shortly after the animalcity project had been abandoned. I took the recording cube of our conversation out of a drawer and played it, wondering if I’d have the time to listen to it until the end… Continue Reading »

A Good Ending

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by Guy Hasson

Don’t worry.

This story has a good ending.

Well… for the bureaucrat. Continue Reading »

Some Notes on the Artwork of Chris Wilhelm

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by Justin Isis

1. Wilhelm intended the first public exhibition of the artwork to take place between late February and early March 2010. For at least two months he had been in contact with Robert Lean, Director of Curatorial Services for the Art Gallery of New South Wales. His communications consisted of a series of phone calls and e-mails and, apparently, an unsuccessful attempt to meet Lean when he returned home in the evening.1 Wilhelm always specified his intention to give the artwork away rather than sell it – all he wanted was a chance to expose the public to what he had created. Continue Reading »

Closing Time

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by Liam Kruger

@xang, re: the projection chat we had at the conclave – source suspect, typic, but holiday reading.




I drew the connection between alcohol and time travel pretty late in the game, all told. And yes, you absolute bastard in the back of the room, ‘late in the game’ doesn’t mean much to a time traveller, but I don’t have much control over where I go, do I? Or when I go. I can tell English isn’t the language to talk about this in. Not that I’ve got anything else to go by. Continue Reading »