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Contaminated People

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by Sergio Gaut vel Hartman

I touched the wall with my fingers. I felt a thick, oily texture, and I pulled back my hand. It’s useless, I said to myself; I’ll never get there on my own. I walked a few meters unsteadily; I slipped, fell, bumped into something solid, maybe a lamppost, and got myself totally filthy in a puddle. With difficulty, I sat up. Continue Reading »

The City Under the Seas

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by Sven Klöpping

„Water, water, everywhere, And all the boards did shrink. Water, water everywhere, Nor any drop to drink.“

– Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner



Burbling, gurgling water.

Prickling in Yakuzo’s ears, binding his body to the liquid underworld he had just dived into, a fiercely quiet ocean surrounded him and fulfilled him with fear. He just wanted to scream. Something wild in the mild nothing at least, but he knew too well that it was impossible and useless, as no one would ever hear him. Hurrying upwards, bubbles — not syllables — escaped from his oxygen mask. If he had put off opening his mouth to scream, the ocean would have swallowed him in less than a second. Continue Reading »

Mark of the Beast

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by Steve Stanton

Zakariah Davis surveyed the V-net booth from across a darkened, deserted boulevard. The night was calm, but he felt a prickly unease like a static charge on the nape of his neck, a promise of adrenaline and strange neurotransmitters. A waft of air carried a faint odour of exhaust and mouldering refuse as a pregnant moon waxing gibbous laid a gossamer sheen on the suburban cityscape. The streetlights were long dead victims of power entropy, but the V-net terminal was still fully functional, an early public booth without the usual armaments, about a dozen years old school. A field technician had tested the electronics down to Sublevel Zero the previous day. Continue Reading »

Three-Fingered Joe

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by Robert Derie

Even from the back of the bar Aaron Blackman could see the thin mangled digits strum and pick at the strings. The plain white handkerchief wrestled the neck of the old guitar, concealing the tapered, mutilated fingers of Three-Fingered Joe’s left hand; his right hand was bare. A callused thumb struck the final chord of the second-to-last song in the set as Aaron checked his watch: quarter past eleven. Time enough to see Joe with the broken hands do his last song. Continue Reading »

The Castaway

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by Sergio Gaut vel Hartman

I had lived inside that body for over sixty years and it was very difficult for me to accept this new state of being, one in which the body can be discarded after use, like an empty, useless vessel.

“What are you going to do with… it?” I didn’t know what to call it; we had been one for a long time. The bio-technician shrugged his shoulders; surely, he would answer the same question several times a day, every day. Continue Reading »

A Peace of Sorts

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by Ahmed A. Khan

The relaxation exercises are not working. Neither is meditation. It is 2 AM, I am tense and jittery as I sit on my bed in a room in Hotel Guignol.

My room is small. It is on the top floor. I have the lights shut off and am looking at the night sky out of the huge bay window. A meteor shower has been predicted. Continue Reading »

May 14., 2011: Ion Hobana Awards 2011

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Established in the memory of Ion Hobana (1931-2011), a well known Romanian scholar and SF writer, „one of Romania’s academic SF grandmasters (Romania’s greatest SF academic)”, as Jonathan Cowie said,  the yearly Ion Hobana Awards have been given for the first time by the Romanian Science Fiction & Fantasy Society and the Romanian Writers Union (Bucharest Branch) with the occasion of the Ion Hobana Colloquium „The Time and Times of Fiction”, Bucharest, Romania,  May 7th, 2011.
The winners are :

Mircea Oprita : The Ion Hobana Award for Lifetime Achievement
Cristian Mihail Teodorescu : The Ion Hobana Award for the best SF novel in 2010 (SF Two)
Liviu Radu : The Ion Hobana Award for the Best Fantasy Novel in 2010 (The World of Waldemar)
Bogdan Catalin Mereuta : The Ion Hobana Award for A Young Hope/debut under 35 years  (the recipient is 13 years old and he has managed to publish in 2010 the SF novel The Virtual Warriors)
The Ion Hobana Awards had been sponsored by the Romanian Ministry of Culture, see:

Cristian Tamas
Romanian Science Fiction & Fantasy Society