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Editorials of InterNova 1 & 2

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by Michael K. Iwoleit

InterNova 1

That the three editors of a small, low-circulation German SF magazine have made the leap – which is undeniably a leap of faith – to start a new English-language SF magazine with stories from all over the world, surely demands an explanation. It is even more surprising since their home country is the least probable place for such a project to originate. Continue Reading »

Confessions of a Pod Person

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by Chuck McKenzie

I am out in the front garden, watering the hedge, when Jim Taylor comes walking by, and the part of Us that is Chuck McKenzie remembers to wave and say hi. Continue Reading »


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by Bruno Vitiello

Last day of Pisces: 8:30 a.m.

Sagittarius is already up and causing a terrible commotion in the bathroom. I’m already awake, but I don’t dare get up. Yesterday evening, when I consulted Astrologer before going to bed, it warned me in no uncertain terms not to get out of bed before 8:55 a.m. Fortunately, that just keeps me from getting up, not waking up, which would have been more difficult to control. I would have preferred to sleep until the appointed hour, though. I hate lying in bed awake, inactive, like somebody that’s ill. But there’s nothing else to do before nine. Continue Reading »


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by Claudia de Bella

Argentine future persists in tracing itself
onto the present in such a way that
anticipation exercises are absolutely meritless

Julio Cortázar

Let’s take a look at the future.

Only twenty years have passed, starting from today. Sometime in the year 2013, a line of people is waiting for their turn to get their pre-employment interview at one of the sophisticated personnel-searching agencies. Despite this being in the near future, it is a time that is much more complex than we can imagine, and the agencies are carrying out a task that has finally become more closely related to the slave market than to the performance of a service. Continue Reading »