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God’s Gut

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by Eduardo J. Carletti

To Gladys

Before the Gut things weren’t good. After the Gut everything changed. It’s not that they turned good afterwards, only different. The story of this thing, this entity everyone knows but nobody knows, is a story that may be very long if you want it to be so. Or very short. You can tell the whole of it just by saying: The Gut arrived and nothing was the same. Otherwise, as you’ll see below… Continue Reading »

Peak Time

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by Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro

„Connection from Capella on the line. It’s the governess of the Elves in this sector of the Periphery. You know what she wants, right?“

„Unfortunately, I do. Let’s leave her on hold.“

„She won’t be at all happy about this further human discourtesy.“ The master program of the Agency changed the pitch of its telepathic flux in the end of the last sentence it emitted to the brain of its human mate, in order to emulate the slightly hysterical tone of a lady-elf. Continue Reading »

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