October 25. 2010: InterNova Featured On World SF Blog

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The InterNova relaunch and the first uploads were recently featured on Lavie Tidhar’s World SF Blog.

Lavie’s blog is one of the leading Internet ressources on science fiction and fantasy writing from all over the globe and features news of writers and books, interviews, writer portraits, musings and commentaries for everybody interested in international sf.

September 21. 2010: Achmed Khammas on Arabic Science Fiction

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In an interview with Zenith online Achmed Khammas – sf writer and experienced Arabic-to-German translator from Berlin with German and Syrian roots – gives insightful explanations why there has been little to no science fiction in Arabic countries and why the future is a dubious concept for Arabic and Islamic culture.

The interview is in German and can also be accessed at Youtube.

September 17. 2010: InterNova Forum Opened

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Thanks to the generous support of the admins of an online forum for readers and contributors of InterNova has just been set up as a subforum of Nova. It can be accessed here:

The InterNova forum has to meet several conditions in order to be hosted by If you are interested to use the forum please read my initial posting which contains closer information.


September 10th 2010: InterNova Relaunch


After extensive preperations and some unfortunate circumstances that delayed the project, the international science fiction magazine InterNova is finally revived as an online magazine. A bunch of six recent and two classic stories and two essays have just been uploaded.

InterNova starts with making most of the stories of the only printed issue from 2005 and the canceled second issue available online. Further stories and nonfiction pieces will be posted every three weeks. In this news section we will post up-to-date information on events and publications of interest for international science fiction.

The editor would like to personally thank all the people who made the revival of InterNova possible, especially Sandra Celanowski (graphic design), Gerrit Hahn (hosting and security), Uwe Post (programming) and Niklas Peinecke (configuration).

Hoping for many devoted readers, yours

Michael K. Iwoleit

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