Science Fiction, Globalization, and the People’s Republic of China

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by Lavie Tidhar

Science fiction, as Thomas M. Disch argues, is “one of the few American industries that has never been transplanted abroad with any success”1. Yet, as Kurt Vonnegut gently points out in Slaughterhouse Five, “practically nobody on Earth is an American”2. In order to understand the emergence of sf as a global social movement, therefore, and the interplay between the world of science fiction and globalisation, we may do well to study China as a case in point. Continue Reading »

The Eclipse of a Genre and the Birth of a Nova

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by Richard Kunzmann

It doesn’t matter whether I’m sitting in a pub in London nursing a beer at a British Science Fiction Association meet, or whether I’m surfing the net pretending to be a console cowboy, the rumour mill rumbles and it’s not a pleasant sound. The grapevine is rotten with sour news: the short story is seeing its last day; science fiction is on its last legs; and the apocalypse might as well be on its way, they say. Continue Reading »

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