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Latest uploads, May 31., 2013:

In the fiction section:

Harper Hull (USA): A Symphony of Drones

Luke Jackson (England): The Saving Power

Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro (Brazil): Patriotic Crimes


Uploads, February 16., 2013:

In the fiction section:

Gustavo Bondoni (Argentina): An Elephant of a Different Color

Ahmed A. Khan (Canada): The Presonic Man

Shweta Narayan (India): Kohl-lined

Aleksandar Žiljak (Croatia): Sex and the Deap-Sea Anglerfish

In the Spanish section:

Luis Ángel Cofiño (Spain): La manzana de Newton

Víctor Miguel Gallardo Barragán (Spain): Lo que significa tu nombre

José Antonio Suárez (Spain): La Jaula

Uploads, January 5., 2013:

In the fiction section:

Charkrienorrathip (Thailand): Cataclysm

Thorsten Küper (Germany): Haptic

Cyril Simsa (England): Poorly Formulated Questions 


Uploads, October 16., 2012:

In the fiction section:

Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro (Brazil): Secondary Mission

Nick Pollotta (USA): Raw Terra

In the nonfiction section:

Sabina Theo (Bulgaria): An Interview with Mike Resnick 


Uploads, September 18., 2012:

In the fiction section:

Swapnil Bharitya Arnie (USA): The Rhythm of Nature

Helmuth W. Mommers (Germany): Rest in Peace

In the nonfiction section:

Sven Klöpping (Germany): An Interview with Jean-Claude Dunyach


Uploads, August 28., 2012:

In the fiction section:

Win Lyovarin (Thailand): The Other Side of the Black Hole

Alexander Marcos Osias (Philippines): Oplan Sanction

In the nonfiction section:

Jean-Claude Dunyach (France): The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide To French Science Fiction


Uploads, July 3rd, 2012:

In the fiction section:

Benjamin Kensey (England): Under Earthless Skies

Khristo Poshtakov (Bulgaria): The Power of the Plea

In the nonfiction section:

Ralph Doege (Germany): An Interview With Justin Isis

Uploads, March 30., 2012:

In the fiction section:

David Hontiveros (Philippines): Kaming Mga Seroks

Justin Isis (Japan): The Willow 

Michael K. Iwoleit (Germany): The End of All Days 

Uploads, March 4., 2012:

In the fiction section:

Jean-Claude Dunyach (France): Paranamanco 

Guy Hasson (Israel): A Good Ending 

Justin Isis (Japan): Some Notes on the Artwork of Chris Wilhelm 

Liam Kruger (South Africa): Closing Time 


Uploads, December 27., 2011:

For the last time this year we present five new uploads in the fiction section. We wish all our readers a happy new year. Thanks for reading and hope to see you all again next year!

Valentin D. Ivanov (Bulgaria): A Job Interview

Uwe Post (Germany): eDead.com

Alex Smith (South Africa): Life Without Z

Aleksandar Žiljak (Croatia): Price of Freedom and Troglobiont


Uploads, November 5., 2011:

Dear readers, we’re sorry that so much time went by between this and the last upload. The work at the German Nova 18 and the reorganization of our team after Ronald M. Hahn left the editorial board made a delay inevitable. But now we’re back with the long-promised Cyberpunk special. We have just uploaded in the fiction section six contemporary Cyberpunk stories from five countries:

Michael Haulica (Romania): Rons, Socketers and Knots

Frank Hebben (Germany); Memories

Vladimir Hernandez (Cuba): Semiotics for Wolves

Sven Klöpping (Germany): The Dope Machine

Zoran Krusvar (Croatia): Rentals

Richard Kunzmann (South Africa): Lost in Recollection


Uploads, Juli 26., 2011:

In the fiction section:

Gustavo Bondoni (Argentina): Pride and Joy

Guy Hasson (Israel): Generation E: The Emoticon Generation

Achmed Khammas (Germany): Light

Uploads, Juli 14., 2011:

In the fiction section:

Achmed Khammas (Germany): Dreams at Dusk

Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro (Brazil): Xochiquetzal and the Vengeance Fleet

Juan Antonio Fernández Madrigal (Spain): The Apprentice’s Kaleidoskop

Uploads, May 15., 2011:

In the fiction section:

Sergio Gaut vel Hartman (Argentina): Contaminated People

Sven Klöpping (Germany): The City Under the Seas

Steve Stanton (Canada): Mark of the Beast

Uploads, May 15., 2011:

In the fiction section:

Robert Derie (USA): Three-Fingered Joe

Sergio Gaut vel Hartman (Argentina): The Castaway

Ahmed A. Khan (Canada): A Sort of Peace

Uploads, March 30., 2011:

In the fiction section:

Eduardo Gallego & Guillem Sánchez (Spain): I Though I Saw a Pussycat

Bruno Vitiello (Italy): Watch Your Colors

Nir Yaniv (Israel): VegeScan

In the nonfiction section:

Ahmed A. Khan (Canada): Islamic SF: An Overview

Uploads, March 9., 2011:

In the fiction section:

Sergio Gaut Vel Hartman (Argentina): Russian Dolls

Chuck McKenzie (Australia): Alien Space Nazis Must Die!

Helmuth W. Mommers (Germany): Like a Fly Caught in a Web

Uploads, January 30., 2011

In the ficton section:

Eduardo Gallego & Guillem Sánchez (Spain): Feeding the Thirsty

Nnedi Okorafor (USA): The Popular Mechanic

L.H. Oldie (Ukraine): Dionysus‘ Laughter

In the nonfiction section:

Arvind Mishra/Manish Mohan Gore: Science Fiction in Hindi – A Critic’s View

Uploads, December 22., 2010

As the last uploads this year – and kind of an introduction of the local scene where the InterNova project originated – we present a small special on current German science fiction, featuring:

In the fiction section:

Frank W. Haubold: The Eternal Song

Frank Hebben: Imperium Germanium

Michael K. Iwoleit: The Last Days of Eternity

In the nonfiction section:

Michael K. Iwoleit: Some Remarks on Current German Science Fiction

Uploads, November 22., 2010

In the fiction section

Claudia De Bella (Argentina): Amoité

Chuck McKenzie (Australia): Confessions of a Pod Person

Bruno Vitiello (Italy): Countdown

In the nonfiction section we republish the two editorials of InterNova 1 & 2 which, we think, are of some historic interest for the readers of our magazine.

Uploads, October 31., 2010

In the fiction section:

Milena Benini (Croatia): As Time Goes By

Guido Eekhaut (Belgium): A Conspiracy

Vandana Singh (India): The Tetrahedron

Uploads, October 6th,2010

In the fiction section:

Roberto de Sousa Causo (Brazil): The Most Beautiful Woman in the World

Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen (Finland): Those Were the Days

Anil Menon (India): Vermillion

Yan Wu (China): Mouse Pad

In the nonfiction section:

Roberto de Sousa Causo (Brazil): Notes on Science Fiction and Fantasy in Latin America

Daniel Salvo (Peru): An Introduction to Science Fiction in Peru

Uploads, September 9th, 2010

In the fiction section:

Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro (Brazil): Peak Time

Eduardo J. Carletti (Argentina): God’s Gut

Arthur Goldstuck (South Africa): The Fabulous Yesterdays

Aleksandar Ziljak (Croatia): What Colour Is the Wind?

Eric Brown (England): Thursday’s Child

Sven Klöpping (Germany): Let’s Talk About Death, Baby

In the classic section:

Lino Aldani (Italy): Red Rhombuses

Renato Pestriniero (Italy): The People in the Painting

In the nonfiction section:

Richard Kunzmann (South Africa): The Eclipse of a Genre and the Birth of a Nova

Lavie Tidhar (Israel): Science Fiction, Globalization, and the People’s Republic of China

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