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by Anil Menon

The woman with the golden curls was yammering away in English. Indu Saxena tried to pay attention, but her daughter Nina was tugging at her sari, the tea was threatening to boil over, the postman was waiting irritably with a package, and Mrs. Patel’s kids wanted to know if she’d seen their cricket ball. Continue Reading »

The Most Beautiful Woman In the World

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by Roberto de Sousa Causo

She was standing near a group of full-sized, human-shaped black wood African statues in the Michael Rockfeller wing of the Metropolitan Museum. They were made from the same wood carved into the best flutes by the skilful hands of men, and played in African villages to honour their gods. The woman herself was blond, golden, and her blue eyes caressed the statues. She was wearing a black dress and a glasslike necklace that could have been made of diamonds or cheap quartz, even drops of liquid life frozen in shining stones coming out of a dead sun. Continue Reading »

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